Alaska Kiting Locations

The list of awesome places to kite in Alaska is growing, so if you don’t see your area listed here, let us know.

The map above is provided by and it includes a 6-day forecast for many spots listed!

Another great resources is TheWindMap and

A new addition is…check it out!

This review from Drift Snowkiting Magazine of Alaska Snowkiting spots is pretty good.


Turnagain Arm, 20 Mile Creek, Thomson Pass… if you are from Anchorage and provide us with a little write-up, we’d appreciate it. Let us know your story…


Haines has excellent kiting all through the summer and winter. The only months that aren’t as convenient (ie. too cold or a bit of drive involved) are October/November and April. The rest of the time, Haines kiters can kite very close to town and the road system.


2010 Update: Deep Creek on the Kenai peninsula is the hot spot for this summer.  Gets a much bigger swell than homer on our new dominant south wind, but has some crazy currents on incoming tides.

Homer has a good group of kiters and a very good day breezes. In 2008 Homer hosted a kite festival that went really well at summer solstice. The organizers are looking to the 2009 kite festival at the same time. The winter crew in Hamer is snow kiting on Beluga lake.


There is great kiting in Juneau in the summer in the Gastineau Channel, Sandy Beach, Mendenhall wetlands, and out the road. And great snowkiting on the Juneau Icefield in the spring, and good snowkiting on Mendenhall lake in the winter as well as some other smaller spots such as Twin Lakes.


Most of the Skagway winter kiting happens up on the White Pass, just over the border in Canada, but there is good water kiting by the airport (stay out of the way of the approach) and over in Dyea.


Valdez has an active year-round kiting scene. Check out the The Valdez Kiteboarding and Snowkiting Association website for information about this spot and some awesome images.


It’s not Alaska, but the folks at Kite Yukon have a great thing going on.