Here is a list of tools we use to plan our kiting activities in Haines. Please send us your spot’s resources and we can get them added. The cool map on the locations page has icons that show current windspeeds. If you have a personal weather station at your spot, please send us the link….

Anchorage Area


Also see Valdez, below.

Haines Area

In Haines we use the following links to plot our kitesurfing sessions: Airport Conditions, Eldred Rock Report, Haines Marine Forecast.
For snowkiting, we use Airport Conditions, HNS Highway – 36 Mile, Haines Highway Weather and the Haines Snow Report

Homer Area

If you’re looking to kite in Homer you can check out the Homer weather page for conditions.

Optionally, if you want to see the weather at the end of the Spit, the Port & Harbor website has a good weather sticker driven by a weather station at the boat harbor.

Juneau Area

The folks at provided these links for general weather and for wind: NOAA and Juneau Wind

Bill Glude has the best Juneau site information…..

Valdez and Thompson Pass